29th of January 2016 – Part 2

29th of January 2016 – Part 2

29th Jan 2016. Since the ‘news’ , my world has turned completely upside down, shaken and stirred in all directions… But ironically, not completely in a bad way! Life can close many doors in your face but can open up a window. That’s exactly how I feel right now.
The first 2 (long) weeks after my cancer had been diagnosed, I’ve taken all sorts of tests (and more to come, yahooo!). They where both physically and mentally challenging; I felt weak, tired, depressed , angry, sad and completely OUT OF CONTROL- and that’s my worst nightmare.
But life has once again blessed me with many guardian angels. In less then a week, my path crossed that of a ‘food scientist’ , an ‘energy worker’ , a business consultant and an old friend who pampered me with a blissful massage an eased some of my muscular pain. I also have to thank Susie for sending over a pot of her #QueenofGreens , which has been a great boost of energy, and hopefully have some more to stock up at my shop :)

My food has altered big time- even though my diet consisted mainly of veg and fruit and considered ‘healthy’ in most medical terms, it was made more clear to me, through an enlightening meeting with knowledgable Albert , that I was lacking vital minerals… And there was more to it then just what I consumed…
After my 12 year episode with the pill (which i truly believe it was the main culprit) my body changed significantly when I decided to stop it (this happened 3 years ago). I was steadily gaining weight, had very bad mood swings and experienced a bad out break of acne for almost a year but which I successfully managed to control with my natural products. But there where still ‘things’ happening on the inside.

Most ‘professionals’ will NOT tell you that weight gain, skin problems and high levels of stress are basically the result of a ‘chemical’ imbalance in our body… Once we disrupt our delicate balance , our bodies just goes on tilt. By taking the pill I was simply messing up with my hormones and although some might not agree that this might have lead to my breast cancer , there is still no doubt that it had a huge effect on my body…and not just my body.
Throughout these 7 years in the business , I’ve come across so many young and older women who faced and experienced many similar problems due to the pill, that I can’t just see this happening again. If this post could make 1 girl stop from continuing to poison herself, my ‘bad’ experience would have not happened in vain.

On a more positive note, my mineral rich diet which is now consisting mainly of raw veg, fruits, seeds and nuts – has giving me so much energy, that ironically , even though I’m going through chemo, I’m feeling healthier then ever before. I will try to post some of my new easy recipes very soon for you guys to try out :) . Will also post something about meditation when I get better at it :p

I still have a long way to go, but my new approach to life and to health has given me a lot of strength and positive energy to face the ‘enemy’. After all , this battle has to be fought not just with your body but also with your mind and spirit.

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