29th of Januray 2016 – Part 1

29th of Januray 2016 – Part 1

I got to thank everyone for the massive response after my last fb post. The support and encouragement I got was unexplainably touching. It’s amazing feeling to experience first hand so much kindness in this world.
On a hospital bed, I’m left with so much time to sit and think that unless I jot down my thoughts my head will explode. No wonder my neck got so much locked that the Profs thought of scanning my head for any ‘eventualities’. Thank God, they found no signs of ‘bad’ cells in my brain. Then a friend of mine reminded me to have a bath! The IRONY – the soap queen had to be reminded to have a bath! #facepalm #SlapHer
So of course , I reached for my special blend of Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, sodium bicarbonate and herbal infusion; Nice warm bath, candle light and soak. This time round no glass of wine I’m currently staying away from any alcohol and sugars since they can contribute to further inflammation. I’m also scrubbing a bit more often then usual. Even just after one session of chemo, I can still see my skin changing. I’m experiencing more blemishes which most do not experience. My body has a tendency to detox that way so I’m not worried too much about that.
The bath was truly a blessing. My neck is not completely unlocked but it’s waaay much better. Even my skin doesn’t look half bad. Still no signs of hair falling but probably it is to be expected next week , or the next… Maybe .

20 minutes in the bath and left wondering about how constantly we are bombarded by negativity from the media- the political wars, the religious fights, the financial battles … I think we really forgot there is still so much good in us. In less then 48 hours I got various calls, people visiting and sending messages , beautiful quotes and funny pictures to cheer me up. My mobile has to be constantly plugged in and the battery is not lasting more then a few hours!
I got people reaching out telling me their stories ; their victories and also their sadness; how they are fighting their 3rd cancer; the teenager who had to go through very serious brain infections but survived against all odds ; the mother who was not just fighting her own battle with breast cancer but also having to be strong for her 5 year old who had already passed through 2 surgeries. Our pain is so so relative . I consider myself to have nothing compared to these people and yet they are reaching out to me to give me courage.

We stress ourselves about the most stupid and materialistic things. We hate ourselves because we don’t have the perfect body, we are frustrated because we don’t have the perfect job, stress because we don’t have enough money….or squabble about who should have won the Eurovision song…. #MulejHudni

All this becomes insignificant and realize that our LIFE is the most beautiful and precious ‘thing’ that has been borrowed to us and that it can be taken away at any given time.

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