5th of February 2016

5th of February 2016

5th Feb 2016. This morning I went for my second session of chemo. I decided to go ahead with these sessions and finally I made peace with the decision I took. It wasn’t easy for me to accept to take the conventional route . But since I also decided to complement it with homeopathic treatments, in a way I feel more in control of my situation. My nausea can get pretty bad at times and no drugs actually work for me. Last time I spent 3days on a drip as I couldn’t retain any liquids. So I’m hoping a homeopathic remedy will do the job this time. Will post more about the results in the following weeks.

In the last week many more beautiful things happened. I came across more kind and beautiful people who showed loads of support. Another guardian angel named Claire gave me vouchers to one of my favorite food place #TheGrassyHopper . So last Wednesday , after my blood tests , I decided that I deserved a little afternoon treat. Wayne (my other half) came up with a brilliant idea to give my hair the last shave and do it at ‘top of the world’ in Madliena- so that my hair (or rather what was left) could ‘fly off ‘ rather then end up in a bin. So after a nice wholesome meal at the grassy hopper , we hopped on our little sky blue #soapmobil with a portable shaver to our sacred place . It was a clear sunny winters’ day – my favorite type of weather.

Wayne also had long hair a few years back and although he has now relatively short hair , he never had the guts to shave it off or give out his hair. But after the news, he was really considering shaving his too to support me (oh..bless him) , but I think my head is nicer then his , so better not :p … But jokes apart, I came to realize even more how precious and lucky I am to have him around. He has been my rock throughout this experience . Tomorrow it’s his birthday and unfortunately I couldn’t plan anything for him- no pressies for this year… These are the things which frustrate me the most. :/

So , have you got into the whole carnival spirit yet ? This is my new look for #Carnival2016 – the bad ass G.I Jane look 😉

I still have my locks in a bag together with that of Wayne’s. We will be donating our hair to the Community Chest fund to make a wig out of it as I’m sure it will make another little girl happy :) . I know how it feels to face hair loss problems at a young age..it’s what made me go into alternative and complimentary therapies actually! So I guess God have helped me grow back my hair so I can help someone else … Who knows…

I always felt life presented me with such experiences for a reason. The journey has been full of ups and downs …. Thankfully more ups then downs. This time round , my journey encountered a little lump ..errmm I meant bump … The destination is still unknown but I leave that in the hands of the superior being.

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