4th of August 2016

August 4th 2016. It’s been over 2 weeks since I wrote. Life is back to ‘normal’… Busy busy… Yet, I’m more conscious about how I manage my time. I now make sure I allow time for my self. I even started dancing again! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve stepped foot in a dancing school. I had forgotten how much I loved to dance; And even though I look stiff as a stick and much older then most girls attending the dance class , I really don’t care. Yes I do get the stares, especially since I’m obviously not the ‘typical’ dancer – the super short hair, the nose ring, the casual attire … And now with the reconstructed boobs in progress (which currently look and feel like 2 mini basketball stuck to my chest) – I look super busty next to most of the flat chested dancers!

The reconstruction process is a slow one. It’s not really painful. It is simply a process where empty ‘sacks’ called expanders are inserted underneath the chest muscle (whilst under general anesthesia) . These sacks are then filled with saline gradually by piercing through the skin of the chest (the skin is numb at this point so no pain really). This happens every week or 2 depending on how much my skin allows it to stretch . The expanders help to stretch the skin slowly so that it creates a new pocket for the proper implant to eventually slide in . Together with these 2 sacks , i’m equipped with a very ‘special’ bra. I call it the ‘push down bra’ ; A tight , crop top with a thick elastic belt that has to sit on top of these expanders. This belt pushes them down until they set in the correct place. I got to wear this 24hours daily thus even whilst sleeping . I basically remove it only when I shower …and when I go to the beach (naughty me! :p ) .
I will have to go another couple of times for ‘filling’ and then the proper implant insertion will most probably happen in January 2017- that would officially mark one year since the beginning of this journey.

On a different note, I’m currently super hyped since my new Glamourosity website will be launched very, very soon…yaaaayyy … Thanks to my contributors and sponsers .
I feel that I was part of a plan beyond my understanding to pass through a cancer diagnose – whether to teach me to be a better human being, or to be of better service to humanity. I really hope this website brings hope to all those who are passing through a rough patch in their life; whether it’s illness, lack of self confidence, grief or depression . All will be revealed very soon, so keep following.

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