2nd September 2016

As a Beauty Chef and cosmetic consultant, I regularly come across a lot of women (and occasionally men too ) that would have ‘skin issues’ such as eczema, psoriases, acne and even aelopicia. After a thorough consultation it usually comes out that such ailments do not just have a psychical effect on these individuals but also a much deeper emotional ‘burden’ . Most of the time there’s a great deal of effort to try and ‘hide the problem’ . This in itself creates a lot of turmoil, anxiety and stress causing the problem to get worst.
It’s very common that we try to ‘fix’ such problems by popping a pill or be on a constant look out for some miracle product. We see such ailments as being an ‘unlucky’ situation.

After my cancer diagnose , I don’t believe any more in ‘unlucky’ situations. Now more then ever I believe that our state of mind i.e. our fears, limitations, thoughts and beliefs play a major role in our health and well being . Illness doesn’t just happen – our bodies do not just decide to ‘malfunction’ . I could say that if you truly believe in the divine , then such ailments can be explained for what they are … But then this note would turn out to be a discussion about religion- which is not the case. And this conversation could also turn into a ‘why me?’ type of post.
So instead, I’m just sitting here on the ferry on my way to Sicily to meet some friends – a trip long overdue. I’m rewarding my self regularly and it feels great. It feels great to let go and let the world take care of me instead of trying to control everything. It’s great to have no worries about money or health because I have faith that things will work themselves out. ‘Faith’ – a very big word, is it? I can already ‘hear’ most people’s comments saying – “mhux ovvja, she doesn’t have kids to take care of” , ” she doesn’t have X or Y ” or what whatever the excuses most people come up with. Maybe some day I will share my deepest secrets with you ..or maybe not. Maybe I would write a book about where I come from and how I had to face the world. But if I do, it’s because I want to leave a legacy behind which is greater then my existence and not because I want to proof anything to anyone.
I always believed life was hard, that we had to work hard for what we wanted, that I should take life by the horns and ‘fight’ for what I believed. Most would probably be baffled at this point and say -“of course , that’s life” … You know what – that’s bullshit. The minute one sees life as a battle field, then life will present you with more battles to fight. But if you start seeing life as a blessing, then it will turn out to be blessed. We worry about death so much that we forget to experience life to the full. We worry about paying bills rather then be grateful for being able to pay those bills. We worry about our health and that of our kids yet we take for granted that we are able to take that next breath and wake up the next morning. we worry about lack of time, but forget that we are the ones who choose to take on certain ‘projects’ and how we prioritize them. We are the ones deciding what type of life style we want to live – whether adopting a mentality of abundance or lack, a mentality of competition or teamwork, whether that of envy towards those who have ‘everything’ or being grateful for what we have, feeling lonely or enjoying the time we have alone to be able to reflect.

Yes, life is hard ..if you believe so…. I don’t any more. I think life is just what we make of it . It’s now time to stop writing – there’s the movie ‘Babe’ showing on the ferry. I love this movie :)

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